There are many reasons why women fake orgasms. In an ideal world, no one would ever have to "fake it," however, the world we inhabit is far from ideal. A lot of people are too inhibited or shy to ask for what they want in the bedroom and settle for less than mind blowing sex.

Here are some different fakes.

The Pity Orgasm: The guy already has low self-esteem and you take pity by trying to boost his confidence. No need piling on after mommy and the exes have done the initial damage. This guy is trainable. Typically, they just want to please, but first they need the confidence booster.

The Just Get It Over with so I Can Go to Sleep Orgasm: This one's self-explanatory. If I have to employ this fake, I'm probably not going to see the guy much longer.

The It's Just Not Going to Happen Tonight Orgasm: You can't knock it out of the park every single time. You might be preoccupied, tired, whatever. It's not his fault, so why make him feel bad about not achieving climax when he so clearly enjoys doing that for you?

The We Both Had too Much to Drink and I'm Beginning to Sober Up Orgasm: Alcohol and sex are funny. A little loosens things up. Too much makes for one sloppy uncoordinated, sloppy mess. Belching is definitely not a turn on. This is a variation of the Just Get It Over With So I Can Go to Sleep Orgasm and is forgivable.

The Cry for Help Orgasm: This is standard operating procedure for the pre-orgasmic woman. She's never had another person bring her to climax (but is able to get herself off). She likes the physical closeness of sex and fakes it because she doesn't know what she wants much less how to ask for it. Sad, sad creature . . .