Knowing you have found the right woman is bit like stepping on a landmine... the second that you try to run away, you will probably feel like something is missing.

Being a casual student of military history, particularly those like Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar, we find that landmines aren't always designed to kill - just mame! So if the goal is something like - castration - women can sometimes do that too! Of course, this depends upon tact levels.

All joking aside, finding THE ONE is difficult enough. Not to mention, possessing the self awareness to know she is the perfect one for you. Hindsight is always 20/20, and it unfortunately requires a past tense viewpoint. So take a look at the here and now to determine if your chica is the is the perfect one for you.

Couple things that you should consider:

  1. Forget the notion that you're looking for the perfect one. Find the perfect one for you, because chances are, you're just as screwed up as the next average Joe, so no more searching for Heidi Klum or Jessica Biel lookalikes.
  2. How well does she compliment your weaknesses? For the Homer Simpson's out there, that means how well she completes you! This is a more pragmatic step, but many relationships fail because the couple isn't compatible with one another. Take note of little things like, does she always know where you put your keys or does she go out of her way to make you feel better when you're blue? Little things may not seem like much at the moment, but when totaled up over the long term, the results will surprise you.
  3. Does she tolerate your imperfections? As mentioned before, we're not perfect. So when you come rolling in at 3am with beer on your breath and buffalo sauce stains on your shirt, what is her first reaction? You know you have a keeper if she laughs at you and rags you about your impending hangover the next day.
  4. What do you guy friends think of her? Aside from the inevitable rating system of all of her body parts, degree of coolness, and discussions of her "horizontal abilities", having a good recommendation from your crew will definitely be a big plus. Jokes like "he's whipped" or "time to go home to the ball and chain" might seem funny, but they will have a negative impact psychologically over time.
  5. How much do you miss her when you're gone? Have you ever flown from New York to LA on a whim just because you had a free day and wanted to see her? If you haven't, and money was not an object, would you do it even if sex wasn't a possibility? If yes was your answer, you might be catching the bug!

Not to sound completely unscientific, but finding the one doesn't come with a "How To" manual. Even if it did, we wouldn't read it anyway. So follow your instincts (preferably from the ones above your shoulders), and see where it leads you.

Good Luck.