Want to know a few of your woman's sexual fantasies?

1. "When my boyfriend travels, I send him sexy pics of me in my bra, and then I take it to the next level and send videos of myself masturbating." Beth, 32, New York, NY

2. "Seeing anyone strip, male or female, is a huge turn-on. I love going to strip clubs with my guy- it gives me ideas for later!" Jessica, 25, Tucson, AZ

3. "Adding sex toys to one-on-one strip poler makes the game last all night long!" Jenna, 35, Phoenix, AZ

4. "I think porn is another great tool to help heat up the moment. We hardly ever get through 10 minutes of it before we are acting it out." Trista, 34, Williamstown, VT

5. "My guy and me make lists of things we'd like to do together or to each other, and randomly message each other at work to remind the other person what fun is coming. It helps our long-distance relationship keep that spark." Sara, 25, Otter Lake, MI

6. "The most amazing orgasms I've ever had were when my partner and I were having sex and using a vibrator on my clitoris at the same time." Chelsea, 27, Wilmington, DE

7. "I think porn can really bring a solid relationship to another level of sexuality, just as long as it isn't extremely raunchy." Melissa, 31, Somerset, NJ

8. "Anytime my man wants to see a hot, naked woman dancing or stripping, all he has to do is say the word. I'm always ready to please him!" Lauren, 22, Carrolton, VA

9. "When my husband is away on business, I often send him a picture of my naked breasts, along with a dirty text message." Beth, 34. Alexandria, MN

10. "Men need to know that a vibrator does not replace them in any way. It only adds fun and excitement to what we already love doing with them." Sarah, 23, San Antonio, TX

Source: What Women Want [Men's Health]