"Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes."
"Are those space pants? 'Cause your ass is out of this world!"
"If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together"
"Excuse me, I've lost my number. Can I borrow yours?"

These have got to be a few of the absolute worst and not to mention super cheesy pick up lines that have ever been used. I have no idea how any of these would have worked on anyone, unless you've scored an easy one who doesn't give a damn. Are you guilty of using any of these pick up lines to get a  girl? If you have, then I'm pretty sure you've not gotten lucky with any of them.

Why not save yourself the embarrassment and try these out instead! They are assertive, effective and doesn't make you sound like a complete loser.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"
Simple, polite and charming. Asking shows that you have consideration to the fact that she may be saving the seat for someone else. It is unobtrusive and gives her the opportunity to invite you to join her is she's alone. And if it does turn out that she's waiting for someone, then at least you'll walk away with dignity, knowing that you didn't use something pathetic like "Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night."

"Would you like to dance?"
First things first, be sure you actually know how to bust some moves before you pop this question. And if you impress her with your skills, you might just end up doing a tongue tango or the horizontal shuffle.

"Can I interest you in a glass of...?"
Insert the type of beverage for which the occasion calls. This pick up line is effective because it is friendly and doesn't make you come across as a horny jerk. Plus, you might just be able to show off your skill as a connoisseur without being arrogant about it.

"You look like you might be interested in some great conversation."
Pair this with an award- winning smile and you might just get her to giggle, which would immediately break the ice. Keep the conversation light and great and she'll warm up to you in no time.

"I thought you should know that you have a really nice..."
If you're not looking for a slap on your face, I suggest you keep derogatory comments to yourself. Sure you might be looking at her other features (Maybe that perky pair of Double D's?) but keep in mind that you don't want to appear dense or insensitive. Flatter her smile or her eyes, but be sure to keep compliments delicate and sincere. Women can tell wen a guy is trying to use flattery as a mean of getting close.

Honestly, any friendly comment works. Just remember to play it cool and that cheesy is not cute. It'll only make you look annoying and desperate to heat things up. The objective is to create a conversation starter that best reveals your interest and your intent.