You try to be Mr. Nice Guy by buying her flowers and chocolates on the first date, calling her two days after your first meeting,  basically everything you think a guy should do to attract a lady.

Well, like I said, everything you THINK a guy should do...

But she doesn't respond. Instead, you find her looking bored on your first date even though you've made arrangements at her favourite restaurant and tried every joke you know. And you can't figure out why. Sure, you've played by every rule in the book; step by step with perfect execution. Why the heck is this happening?

I'm going to break it out to you, blunt and blatant: You're too PREDICTABLE! In other words, you're BORING.

There's a reason why playing hard to get almost always gets the girl hooked. Because it's as if you're enticing her to play a game with you, get her hooked and pull back at the appropriate time so that she's always guessing and wanting to know more. But if you lay it out for her, the game becomes boring. There is no mystery, no fun and in short? Not worth playing.

So how do you keep her interested while not giving too much too soon?

First, be yourself. You can pretend all night long that you're a perfect gentleman, opening the doors for her and pulling out her seat. You can be the polite guy, make polite jokes, laugh politely. Man, it sounds boring already! It's OK to be dorky and have your own sense of humour. Of course, I'm not telling you to go all out on your dirty sex jokes on your first date. But what I'm telling you is that women fall easier for someone who is comfortable in his own skin. Be humourous, show her that little card trick you know and keep her guessing how you did it. Who knows, you may very well be able to ask for a second date so that you can tell her your secret behind that trick.

Secondly, traditional dates don't usually work anymore. Any woman can go on dinners and movies with a man- any man! So, why not be creative and do something completely spontaneous? Suggest something that she might like doing, something adventurous. If you've captured her attention by surprising her, she's definitely going to keep coming back for more. Surprises work. Just don't end up planning a bungee- jump date if she's afraid of heights.

And you know what? That's it. Pull open doors for her, be the nice guy but with a twist. Keep her interested in the game and you've probably got her hooked. Remember, predictability is BORING.