Erectile dysfunction is something that has been taboo for too long a time. It's about time we conquer this insult to our manlihood and seek professional help! Yes, it may be embarrassing to admit you have a problem getting it up at night but it's quite a common health issue. And think of it this way-- it'll be worth it once it blows over and you're able to hit it off with your babe(s) without worrying about leaving that bottle of Viagra at home.

One of the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is sex therapy. It can be done individually but is more effective if the partner of the man is present.  Sex therapy digs deep into the psychological factors such as communication between partners, anxiety or depression that can cause erectile dysfunction.However, it also works for most men who have erectile dysfunction caused by physical factors such as medical illness of side effects of certain medications.

To be effective, a number of counseling sessions are required, usually weekly or every two weeks for several months. Each session may cost as much as $150 but is often covered by many health insurance policy. Check with local hospitals and university medical centers to see if they have a sex therapy clinic, or ask your doctor to recommend someone. Although it takes time before it works, in the long run, it's an effective treatment for most men to understand erectile dysfunction as well as get better. After all, the brain is the primary sex organ. What you think and how you feel has a critical effect on sexual function so talking about it with a professional can help you get most out of your sexual relationship.