It really is not uncommon that men sometimes just experience a low sex drive, so stop gaping your mouth like a goldfish already! Whether it only happens once in awhile or if it's a long term thing, it can make your partner feel unwanted, unappreciated and unloved, and in more serious cases, destroy your relationship altogether.

It is very easy to feel guilty, especially when you're not performing "up to standards" or when you feel as though you're robbing the pleasure out of sex, but boosting your libido can be simple as simple as eating right and exercising. So why not rid yourself of that guilt and do something about it instead? It will no doubt start heating things up in the bedroom and you'll find yourself missing sex too!

First off, diet and exercise. Did you know the higher percentage of fats means a lower libido? Body fat inhibits testosterone production and if it doesn't do enough damage already, it also breaks down remaining testosterone. So if you think that your extra pounds was going to turn her off, you're right, because you're not turned on yourself. Rid yourself off of that beer belly and start indulging in bedroom antics once more.

If you find yourself declining sex because of that headache more often these days, you're probably feeling pressure from your surrounding environment. Men's sex drive is deeply associated with state of mind, as does women's. Stress, depression and anxiety are libido's worst enemies. How can you enjoy sex when you're heavily laden with stress from work or when you're worrying about that big presentation tomorrow? The cruel thing is that sometimes sex in itself is the cause of stress. Relationship woes, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can cause men to lower their libido as to not embarass themselves in front of the ones they love. But not having sex because of this is not going to help. Seek professional help if you suspect that psychological baggage is weighing on your libido.

Viagra is probably the most celebrated drug when it comes to enhancing sex life but here's the fact: It doesn't do anything for increasing libido. The ability to have an erection only comes when you have that desire to have one. If you don't feel like it, you can down a whole bottle of Viagra and you'll probably end up with chemical poisoning instead. One of the key problems to low libido in men is their testosterone level. So until you've dealt with the problems surrounding that issue, you will have trouble getting it up for your woman.