Here are useful sex tips. Simple. Straightforward. Read on!

1. Get familiar with scheduled spontaneity
It's easy to feel that you don't have any time for sex - it just becomes something else you cram into your schedule. This hurts your relationship. When I suggest planning and scheduling great sex, clients often complain that it doesn't feel romantic. Again, is Paris romantic? How do you get there? Enough said.

2. Re-enact your early days
In long-term relationships it's easy to take each other for granted.

Remember how excited you were early on in your relationship? Remember how you would obsess about the evening ahead, dress a particular way and even bring flowers or small gifts? You are both still special, so why not carry on making that extra effort?

3. Start foreplay with conversation
We can take a while to warm up for great sex. It starts before you make it to the bedroom - or even the kitchen table. After being apart, spend time together catching up and reconnecting, share your dreams and talk about how lucky you are to have each other.

4. Know the three types of sex
You can have ‘shower' sex, that's quick and convenient and good for immediate bonding. ‘Bath' sex is a little slower, lasts about half an hour and can deepen the intimacy in your relationship. Then there's ‘Jacuzzi' sex that can go on for hours. You start out by taking the time to heat it up, then you hop in and out all night while gazing at the stars. All of these can be great sex, as long as you're both on the same page so there's no disappointment.

5. Talk about it afterwards
In as much detail as you can manage, find a way to talk about what you liked and why you liked it. Let your partner know what really lights your lights. It's also important to communicate if something wasn't so good for you. Keep your language positive and follow up anything negative with at least five pieces of praise. If this is hard for you, it's worth practicing by writing it down.

6. Learn to be fully present for pleasure
Sexual intimacy is one of the most playful and pleasurable experiences available to us. If you're not enjoying it, take the time to work out why. Going through the motions is not good for you or your partner. It's often best to call a halt, work out the distraction and then come back to making love.

7. Stay physically healthy
People who exercise regularly, have better sex. Take care of your body; you owe it to yourself and your loved one. I swear by a good yoga class - it covers the essentials for great sex and a great life: strength, flexibility, stamina and an ability to focus the mind.

8. Understand we are turned on differently
It's important to realise that we are all turned on by different things. Some people are turned on more by what they hear, some by what the see and some by what they feel. Find out what turns your partner on, then get used to seducing them in the way they love to be seduced.

9. Take turns at giving and taking

A great way to make sure your sexual needs are met is to set aside a night where you spend an hour making love exactly how your partner wants. Then, set aside another night where your partner devotes an hour to your sexual desires. It's a fun learning experience and the quickest route to mutual sexual satisfaction!

10. Happier couples have sex more than unhappy couples
Satisfaction with your relationship leads to a greater desire for sex. More frequent sex makes happier couples and happier couples have sex more often. It's time to get in the loop.