So you've taken an effort to start recycling and eating organics, even switching your ride to a hybrid vehicle. And you want to do more. There's one area that you may be overlooking- the bedroom. From plastic sex toys to the carbon footprint generated by online porn, there are still ways in heightening passion between the sheets without hurting the environment.

Use your senses
Do you think that the great lovers of history relied on pornography for arousal? I should think not. Unplug the computer and TV for the night and switch on your sense of smell instead. It is a known fact that scent generates arousal. Have your partner blindfolded and ignite the fire within her by playing around with different scents. A sure fire way to turn her on in an eco-friendly method. Besides, the TV might just be another unwanted distraction that will lower the satisfaction of the act.

Bathe together
Who knew helping the planet could be so fun? Soap up together in the shower or enjoy a romantic time with her in your bath tub to save water and also create passion for more than just the environment! Water is a luxury that many people do not have access to and it definitely is worth being shared with a friend.

Play around
You see that plastic sex toy lying in your drawer beside your bed? You can get rid of it. Most sex toys are not environmentally friendly and are made from polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) that releases toxins into the air. Why not instead use what's around the house? "The oldest and certainly the easiest sex toys are the fruits and vegetables in your home" says Cory Silverberg, a sex educator. Almost anything can be used, including bananas, as long as they're tied in a condom.

Lube up
If lube is an essential to your sex life, pay attention to what it is made out of. Many commercial lubes have chemical preservatives which are rough on sensitive parts. Look in your kitchen and you'll be surprised to see what resources you can find to replace your usual lube. Egg whites for example have been tried and tested as an all-natural lube. If eggs aren't your thing, try yogurt only make sure that it's plain yogurt!

Make love, not war

So there you have it. Sex can be both passionate and environmentally friendly too. Do your part and just replace some of your usual routine with a less Earth- damaging one and go green in sex!