If you have ever played "team sports" then you are fully aware of what a "play" looks like. Now when a really good play goes down in an NBA basketball game you have a dozen people (including refs etc.) or more on the court all at once. You have thousands of fans sitting only a few feet away. You have analysts and commentators sitting inches from the play itself and you have virtually millions of people sitting inches from their flat screen TV's watching closely but when that play goes down the only people that know what will happen are those 5 guys on the team. To put a "play" into motion that will succeed with virtually the whole world watching takes more than physical ability. It takes… intuition.

The Encarta World English Dictionary defines Intuition as:

Instinctive belief: something known or believed instinctively, without actual evidence for it

Just like in the basketball play all of those players can broadcast their thoughts to one another without doing so "knowingly" to the other team. Because they don't really know what is happening until the "subtleties" of behavior tell your instincts the truth.

The reason the word "instinct" and "subtleties" were both highlighted in blue is because that is what you should be looking for is the subtleties. Those nominal behavior changes tell you a million things at once so you have to trust whatever your gut is telling you because YOU won't lie to YOU. Trust Your Own Instincts


How to read a woman is all about those same instincts and subtleties. If there was ever a species that was harder to read that would definitely be the human female. Now of course in their defense they will send you every signal except the one you know how to read which of course would be just "telling you" what they want. Some females are over communicative will tell you so many things they want you will get confused - when that happens refer to the words in blue.


The first tip on how to read a woman is "get her to read you". Example: You walk into the produce department at the grocery store and you see a smoking hot babe who is giving no man the time of day. You must "mirror" her image to get her attention. At this point the most obvious subtlety is that she feels like a target in the grocery store and all guys seem the same with their leering and staring and saying random "hellos".

Instead of being the next red flag guy that does exactly what everyone else does walk over to her and start "shopping" right next to her but don't say hello or look at her. Do everything she does - act like you don't want to get hit on in the grocery store. I bet a weeks pay if she is attracted to you then she will say the random "hello" first to you. If you act like every other guy it is a red flag to her that you did not read her well - even if you look like Colin Farrell.


Okay this is the part you have been waiting for. Body language is the subtle hints that you are looking for in every aspect of your game with a female from beginning to end.



Tip 2: Anytime you have a conversation with a female and she "TOUCHES" you at all.

Tip 3: She looks at you, she looks again, she looks again - okay idiot go over there.

Tip 4: She uses words like "we" or "us" "me & you". References of you 2 together.

Tip 5: On dates - let her suggest a nightcap or "come in for a while" first (no guessing here).

Tip 6: If she dresses nice she is expensive. If she dresses modest she is practical.

Tip 7: I can tell in the first 10 minutes of meeting a girl if she if for me…can YOU?

Tip 8: Perfume too strong = no common sense. No perfume = busy girl.

Tip 9: If she does not hang out with people from work she has a life.

Tip 10: Wishy-washy on the telephone means compulsive obsessive - no self control.

Some of those sound silly but each of them is a bi-product of something else going on. None of us are perfect but if you are looking for a girl to marry then you must take notice of the subtleties or you will walk into the punch. In tip 7 I brag that I can tell in the first ten minutes if a girl is for me or not. I am not always right and some of them don't last long but I am certain they lasted longer than many others who did not exhibit the character traits (flaws) that "I" consider my own red flags.

Was that the top ten? NO! It is 10 of a million. For instance, one of my top ten is: Never date a female who has too many gay guy friends. Why? Because, gay guys are caddy and they just want to be her so they will say anything to make her feel good because they know they can't have you so they make sure neither will she. Keep in mind that is one of MY top ten - you will discover your own.

Reading a woman is like reading a technology manual. Once you finally absorb the fundamental information the technology changes and you have to brush up on your deciphering skills. Start with the easy and most obvious stuff like - if it acts like a bitch it is a bitch.

He shoots he scores.