What do you usually do when you want to pick up girls you see at the mall? If you’re like most ordinary guys, you merely stare at her from a distance.

“I wish I could talk to her, “you mumble.

You wish to be with her. You wish to attract here. You wish to pick her up and hit off to some cozy place.

Have you noticed? All you have are just wishes. You wish this and wish that. And the funny part is, you do nothing. You wish that you can put some magic in your stare and this pretty girl would just snap back in your direction on seeing you. In your mind she would smile and approach you. Then she would slip her arm around you and walk off together happily ever after…

Hey, hey. Wake up, dumbo. You’re daydreaming! While you’re dreamily enjoying that little fantasy in your head, that pretty girl has passed your way and went through the mall’s exit door.

She’s gone now.

As for you, your feet seem to be nailed on the spot and couldn’t move. You just blow your opportunity, Mr. Dreamboy. And chances are, this is not the first one.

So what’s the problem, man? Come on, don’t be shy. You want to pick up girls but didn’t. Most guys are in the same predicament.

You’re scared to approach her, right?

Anyway, your problem’s solved. Here are proven ways to overcome your shyness and easily pick up girls:


Remember that pretty girl at the mall? You were scared to approach her because you already thought she would reject you.

That negative thought prevents you from talking to her.

Here’s a good strategy to deal with it. Approach women just for the fun of it.

“What if she rejects me?” you cry in panic.

Good question, man. But calm down.

You will not be dragged down to the Sahara desert just because you try to pick up girls and they reject you. You’re still you no matter what. So you should not concern yourself whether she would welcome or reject your gesture.

What is important is you go ahead and approach her. This is your number 1goal. That way, you can sleep well at night with happy thoughts that you successfully approach–and hopefully pick up girls.


Approaching her and blurting out “You’ve got a cute face” immediately spoils your chances.

And that’s a fact.

Do not say anything about her look, her face, her nose, her eyes, or that cute dimple on her cheeks. If you want to pick up girls, avoid complimenting them about their looks.

Instead, compliment them on the bracelets they’re wearing, their shoes, their dangling earrings or on their nice little pink shoulder bags.


Some guys have the notion that to approach and pick up girls is a frightening experience. Now, now, now. Why should that be?

Come to think of it. Approaching pretty girls should be a fun and enjoyable experience. There is really no reason for you to put on that scared look when you approach and pick up girls, is there? It will only make you look scary and literally frighten your prospects. And you don’t want this to happen.

So here’s the deal. Try to look genuinely pleased and happy when approaching girls. Yes, that’s right. Be delighted. And please, don’t forget to smile, ok?


You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together”, right? Of course, you do. You’ve read it during your elementary days

“What has this saying got to do when I want to pick up girls?” you snap back.

A lot, actually.

Since you’re still a newbie in approaching women, why not hang out with men who are confident and can easily talk to and pick up girls. Go with smart, smooth-talking guys. Worm yourself into their company, so to speak. Follow them the way a dog chases after an escapee.

That way, you can learn their techniques in how to successfully pick up girls. And chances, you can also gain the killer confidence that these guys have.

There are still many ways you can pick up girls. These four tips listed here are just the beginning. Learn them. Put these four tips into action and gain a definite advantage which can improve your chances when you try to pick up girls at the malls, at parks, at restaurants or wherever they might be.

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