First the bad news: no guy gets laid from a coffee shop date. A similar alternative to going on coffee shop dates are ice cream or smoothie dates. Those apply here as well, and may be better suited for the summer months.

During a coffee shop date there are four things you want to keep in mind..

1. The less talking you do the better. Since there is a low chance of transitioning to the bedroom on this date, there’s more you can do to hurt than help. Just be cool and let her do most of the talking.

2. Don’t let it drag on. Even if you two are having a great conversation, you want to end the date within two hours. Definitely don’t go over two hours. Leave her wanting more by ending the date on a good note by saying you have to run. This increases the chances of a date two.

3. Let her order first. By doing this you can avoid having to pay for her drink. Good thing about coffee dates is they are pretty cheap so you don’t have to worry about appearing as a beta male if you pay for her coffee. It’s not like an expensive dinner date.

4. Touch her! You need to warm her up for the next date by doing some subtle touching. This includes touching the jewelry on her fingers and wrists as you ask what they mean, and also some slight touching underneath the table. While these moves don’t do much to increase attraction on their own, the girl won’t be weirded out on the next date when you start getting more intimate. You gradually ramp up touching instead of shocking her system at once.