Brad Pitt, one of the world’s favorite heartthrobs, starred in 2004`s epic drama “Troy” as the doomed but almost unstoppable warrior Achilles. In the early days of his acting career it was easy enough to credit Pitt’s success to his handsome face and chiseled body. As the years go by, however, no matter how daring or downright strange his choice of film roles seem, no matter that he often stars in films that are far from blockbusters, his popularity continues to grow. Why?

Brad Pitt Knows What He Wants From Life

Brad Pitt is an emotionally intelligent man. Pitt knows who he is, how he feels, and what he wants from life. Pitt is willing to follow his own path to get what he wants…and this continually fascinates us. Most of us are sheep in one way or another, following along with society’s idea, or our friend’s idea, or our family’s idea of what’s right for us. Not Brad. He dances to the beat of his own drummer. And then of course there are the women who grace his life.

But enough about Brad, let’s get down to talking about what’s really important here – that would be you. So what are you; emotionally intelligent, a wuss, or a stonehead? Not sure? Let me clarify what I mean. A wuss is a man who let’s the women he’s attracted to, or in a relationship with, walk all over him. He let’s women take, and take, and take from him without giving much back. A wuss is a man who is secretly angry at women for not finding him more attractive and alluring, but plays what he thinks is the “nice guy role” because he thinks eventually that’ll be his way in with the ladies. A wuss is a man who emotionally throws up on the women he’s attracted to by sharing every intimate detail of his inner life and turmoil five minutes after he’s met them – and continues to do so throughout the relationship. He thinks this is the way to show he’s sensitive and emotionally in touch with himself. He’s wrong.

A stonehead, on the other hand, is a man who believes showing emotion (except anger) is only for a wuss. A stonehead is a man so disconnected from himself he has no real idea what he’s feeling. A stonehead needs alcohol or a mind altering substance in order to relax, have a good time, and feel okay talking with a woman, let alone doing anything else with her.

Needless to say being a wuss or a stonehead is not going to make you a great seduction artist or get you the woman of your dreams. Being emotionally intelligent, on the other hand, will get you far. Why? An emotionally intelligent man is well balanced. He knows how to show a woman he’s interested (which a stonehead has a very tough time doing unless he’s inebriated) without making himself a doormat (like a wuss). He knows how to show and share emotions – when it’s called for – without making a woman feel loaded down and overwhelmed with what he has to say.

Why Do Women Love Brad Pitt?

Women do like stoic men, even quiet men. Women like men who hold their cards close to their chest, because when he finally opens up and shares his feelings the woman feels special and needed and trusted (remember that well). When he does share his feelings it really means something, it really matters. Why do women love Brad Pitt? Because we know that he shares his secrets with Jennifer but not with the rest of the world.

Women do like nice men, they like polite men, they like considerate men – but not men who turn themselves inside out for women with niceness and politeness and consideration. Sure Brad Pitt holds open the door for Jennifer Aniston, of course he does nice things for her, and brings her thoughtful gifts – but in the beginning they just had a lunch date. Had I been a fly on the wall at that first date I know that Brad Pitt was easy and confident – not a piece of marble that made Jennifer Aniston feel the table had a better personality. I know that he was an engaging conversationalist – but he didn’t pour out his soul about his heartbreak over losing Gwyneth Paltrow.

What You And Brad Pitt Find Attractive

Both sexes are drawn to those we find attractive, sexually alluring, interesting, mysterious, and intriguing. You must understand that women are no different in this than men. A spark of interest can quickly be snuffed out if either sex shows their interest too heavily, shares too much information, or makes themselves too available before the attraction and interest can deepen. Human beings like to savor their interest. We like to be in that exciting space of feeling there’s possibility, but unsure of how much. We like to ruminate over our attraction and ponder the possibilities…give too much too soon and the magic can disappear.

The key again is balance and knowing that you can learn new skills. As the quote says, you can alter your life by altering your thinking. You can alter your life by learning to think and behave in new ways. In a nutshell that’s what Seduction Insider is all about - teaching you to think and behave with women in new ways that will bring you success.

So which are you? Wuss or Stonehead? There’s no time like the present to change. Do you need to learn to relax, smile, show interest, and connect with women without the aid of any mind altering substance? Or do you need to learn to relax, slow down, pull yourself together, and allow yourself to be a bit mysterious with women? Perhaps, like many, you’re a mix of both, depending on the day and how you’re feeling. It doesn’t matter – balance is still the key. Whenever you’re stuck take a deep breath, relax, and ask yourself what would Brad Pitt do?