Nick Kapur at The Motley Fool says that men trade stocks more frequently than women. As a result. single men have more tendency to become hyperactive and overconfident when it comes to stock investment - an attitude that usually renders lower earnings to investors' pockets. What we're trying to say is that single men are much more linient than other groups (i.e. single women, married men or married women) because we don't have such burden as retail theraphy, expensive mortgage or kids' insurance. But generally we end up getting lower return on investment than other groups. What's wrong with us?

Kapur writes, "Worse still (for unmarried guys like me) is that single men trade a whopping 67% more than single women, earning them annual net returns of 2.3% less! The authors cite increased trading costs, taxes, and a greater tendency to speculate as reasons for this under-performance."

"Attention, Single Men: Stop Trading So Much" [The Motley Fool]