Wardrobe Basics All Men Should Know

There is no reason that men shouldn’t be as clued up as women on the basics about fashion. Yet there is so often so much talk on the subject, as if it shouldn’t matter to men at all. The truth is that the modern man is more often than not perfectly able to plan out his own wardrobe in a way which is likely to make a real impact on his look. If you want to know about some of the basics behind achieving this, then there are a few things to know. And when you know them, you will find that it affects your dress instantly.

Date Night: What The Clothes Say About The Man

There are few times when the average man cares about clothes as when date night approaches.  For good reason, too. Your date is a chance to make a whole new first impression and what you wear and how you wear it is going to play a huge role in making that impression. For this article, we’ll look at what different choices say about you, how to use them, and the important factor of dressing contextually for a date.

LeBronJames: SlamDunkMethod

The forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, nicknamed King, is a top candidate for winning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award in the 2016-2017 season. His popularity is unbelievable. His page on Twitter is read by more than 23 million people. This is five times larger audience than the quantity of people watching the commercial on TV.

Coding The Future Of Your Business

People hear the word ‘coding’ and immediately break into a cold sweat. If you’re not an IT specialist, coding can be a bit of a baffling term but business leaders need to get savvy and quickly if they hope to stay ahead of the game in business. CEOs tend to rely on their IT teams to get the technical stuff done but if they had their own technological literacy to learn, they’d be adapted to supporting the evolution in business technology.

No Idea Why Jordyn Ryder's Instagram Account Still Isn't Banned For Being Too Hot

Can you get banned for being too sexy without breaking the rules? Jordyn Ryder has somehow managed to stay within the lines of okay with Instagram and then, look like this. Check out her gallery below and it's almost amazing she hasn't been banned yet. Maybe they're waiting for her to slip up?

5 psychology lessons to remember when making big bets

There are at least 5 psychology lessons to remember when making big bets. Obviously, a lot of people make big bets all the time and it works out for them. Plenty of other people lose, but it isn't a disaster when they do lose.

Important Things To Know Before Getting Contact Lenses

Taking the leap and changing from glasses to contact lenses is an exciting but daunting experience. While contacts can often be more practical and enhance your appearance, the wearing of glasses will be something you have grown used to. It’s understandable that you will be feeling both eager to try something new but anxious about applying and caring for your new contacts. So instead of worrying, read these important things you need to know before getting contact to help you get prepared.

This Quiz Will Help You Determine If You Should Be a K-Pop Idol

Got the looks and the moves to be a K-pop idol? But aren't sure that's the kind of career you might want? Then check this quiz out and see if you should or not.

How Many Dates Do You Wait Before Having Sex?

How long should you wait before you get intimate with someone you're attracted to? After the first date? Second? Third maybe? Here's what it says about you:

We Should Probably Be Glad These Valentine's Cards Don't Exist Anymore

Back in the day, V-day cards were kinda absurd and sort of sexist. At least, some of them were! Check out the kinds of cards you'd be thankful you didn't get this Valentine's. They're crazy!


Sorry, But You're Going To Like This Guy's Cover of Justin Bieber's Song

Sometimes, covers can sound better than the original. This might be that one time it does. Meet musician Siddhant Bhosle. He reworked Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' into a chilled out soulful version. And you might be putting this on repeat. Check it out:

Adidas Just Shut Down These Homophobic Instagram Commenters

The world is full of haters and we shouldn't let them get us, no matter how mean their comments are online. After all, they're not called trolls for nothing. Adidas celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday by posting this image on Instagram, featuring a same-sex couple.

Did "How I Met Your Mother" Copy "Friends"?

How similar is HIMYM to Friends? Take the quiz below and find out if the former copied the latter. Check it out below:

John Legend Performed at This Couple's Wedding And It Was So Romantic!

One of the best things to have is probably getting John Legend perform at your wedding for your first dance with your significant other. Allen and Cindy donated to help build auditoriums in Legend's hometown, and their donation earned them a special performance by the man himself at their wedding.

Do You Know Which Celebrity You Look Like?

Everyone's got a doppelganger. Heck, even celebrities have their non-celebrity lookalikes. Who do you think you look like?

5 Ways Students Develop Scientific Reasoning

Scientific reasoning or evidence-based reasoning can be indicated as the core to the generation of scientific knowledge production. This is the method whereby the evidence is collected and analyzed and connections between the concepts and theories are created.

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

Being alive and living your life is two completely different things. Check it out:

Where did gambling originate from?

According to Webster's Dictionary, gambling is "the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize)". Gambling is an activity that is one of the oldest known pursuits of mankind. Dice-like objects made from the ankle bone of a sheep or dog were found dating back 40,000 years to the earliest cavemen.
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