A Look Back at 2018: Prosperity Differs Across Global Regions

What defines a nation’s prosperity? Is it its economy? Its quality of life? Its natural resources? According to the Legatum Institute, a country’s prosperity can be analyzed across nine sub-indices. It is more than just the country’s GNP or amassing of material possessions. Rather, prosperity measures include the joy of daily life and the promise of an even better tomorrow for a nation’s citizens.

The THC Vape Juice Revolution

Cannabis is indeed in a new era. Fewer people are smoking cannabis as more and more turn to vaping it. This is a type of revolution in itself. But, beyond that, people are now turning to making their own THC vape juice as a way to consume cannabis recreationally and medicinally.

The Vampire We Don’t Know: How To Save Money On Your Power Bill

It’s impossible to live without electronics nowadays since they are an important part of our daily life. The only day we regret about having a lot of devices in our house is the day we get the electricity bill. According to the latest study conducted by the National Resource Defence Council, an average American pays about $165 to $440 in energy costs every month. If we do some simple math, we will see that America spends $19 billion per year for having all these electronic devices. 

5 Things that You Should Know About Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. We see examples of addiction in movies, TV shows, and unfortunately, sometimes in one’s real life. 

While sometimes these media do a good job of portraying this disease, there are a lot of other important facts about addiction that are sometimes not covered in the movies. We might see a man with drug addiction, willing to do anything for a hit and who hates his family in a lot of movies. 

Strata Unit Sinking Funds: How Do They Work?

Strata Unit Sinking Funds are financial facilities used by owners' associations to cater for fu-ture operations and maintenance expenses of common properties like strata buildings. In a strata building set up, there are various expenses that need to be met for the common property to run smoothly. Such expenses typically involve maintenance and repair tasks such as painting of buildings, repair of roads and pavements within the property, plumbing and electrical system upgrades and many others. All these activities are associated with the common property, and this means that their cost cannot be imposed on any single owner unless they are individually liable.

Creating the Perfect Vanuatu Holiday!

If you have been considering taking a holiday in Vanuatu, you're not alone. There's a reason this Pacific island nation has garnered so much attention over the past several decades. Offering the stunning beaches, friendly locals, and outstanding snorkelling & diving opportunities that you would expect from a top-notch Pacific island destination, Vanuatu delivers all of this and more. The unique sites and experiences that can be experienced in Vanuatu make this a truly special holiday destination. Read on to see what experiences, places, and activities you won't want to miss!

On Holiday - How to Care for Your Portable Gas Appliances

Every year, thousands of Kiwis set off on their family holiday, destined for beaches, rivers, and family baches. Some also like to rough it in tents, while others prefer “glamping” in the comfort of their camper or caravan. 

Israel bombarded with 200 rockets and mortars

Thousands of families across southern Israel had to hide in bomb shelters due to rockets and mortars fire attack.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza bombarded southern Israel with over 200 rockets and mortars. That was a heaviest rocket fire attack since 2014 (the end of Operation Protective Edge). One of these rockets hit a Synagogue and another hit a children’s play area in Sderot. Luckily both were empty at the time and no one was seriously harmed.

Top Reasons to Invest in an S5 Car Tracker

S5 car trackers are not just your average, run of the mill vehicle tracker, but Thatcham approved and venerated by insurance companies.  

In fact, many insurers specify an S5 tracker to be fitted to any personal vehicle worth over £75,000 and any fleet vehicle worth £50,000 or more; such is their trust in this model of alarm to protect the asset they are insuring. And yet you don't have to have a high-value car to benefit from a high-end but affordable tracker. No car is safe from thieves, and many people would be lost without their wheels – you can’t put a price on priceless.

How to Reduce Waste on Your Construction Site

In today's increasingly environmentally conscious society, the issues surrounding waste, and the measures that can be put in place to reduce it, are becoming more important. While it is understandable that a construction site is likely to produce larger quantities of waste due to the nature of the work that they do, there are certainly things that can be done to reduce this. 


Per the Medical Billing Outsourcing market, which is a global study of the scope of healthcare organizations outsourcing their medical billing and coding services to an independent company, a significant CAGR can be expected from 2018-2026, with 2017 being its base year. The reports suggest that the medical billing outsourcing market is expected to grow at the rate of 11.4% throughout the forecast period and may become a US $ 19.3 million industry by 2026. 

Walk a Day in the Shoes of Your Customer Service Staff

The worst enemy that can derail all the efforts of a company to grow to desired levels is ignoring the aspect of customer service. In fact, ensuring that customers have the best experience is the main factor that differentiates a successful company from those companies that struggle to achieve even average success. In other words, the fastest way for a company to succeed in their efforts to move to higher levels is by rendering customer service of impeccable quality. Of course, offering the products or services of the highest quality is important as well. 

Sassicaia Wine Crash Course: Basic Information on Types of Red Wines

Photo by Pexels

There are hundreds of red wine grapes varieties to learn, and there is much red wine information to know about as there are red grapes planted across the globe. With this said, you will likely encounter only a few of these grapes most often. However, let’s not stop learning because of that reason.


 You can't deny the feeling of boredom when you are alone at home. It's quiet and there are no other people that you can talk to. But the good part is, it's actually one of the best opportunities to explore other things and have fun. This gives us the experience of knowing ourselves better. Also, some of us are more productive when we do our tasks alone. You can spend more of your time with no distractions and without worrying about what other people might think of you.

How Your Family Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint This Year

Your family's carbon footprint impacts the environment much more than you may realize. If you're looking for easy ways to reduce your family's contribution to climate change, try these year-round tips to shrink your footprint and be kind to the planet.

The Best Online Asian Dating Sites – Dating Tips for Men

Of course, you can always get online and find more than a handful of dating sites, Russian brides, mail order brides, and more. But why do that when you could develop a steady and strong relationship with someone overseas that is Asian? 

How to Manage Your Finances When Running a Business

If you don’t have a tight grasp of your cash flow in business, it will be a matter of time until you are shutting down your website or closing your doors forever. To build a business that stands the test of time, you must ensure it is never running on empty.

7 Top Holiday Travel Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

There can be few joys as profound the joy of travel, but whilst we all enjoy our holidays, they might be costing us more than they need to. Travel is no longer just a plane ticket and a hotel: It means understanding the nature of the country you’re travelling to, the type of expenses you may need and preparing a successful travel plan.
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