How Digital Technology Intersects With Faith


When people think of faith, spirituality, prayer and the like, they often may picture a church, a Bible study group, or a gathering for fellowship. While these activities are at the heart of the spiritual practices of many, there is also a way to supplement and grow spirituality by using digital technology, particularly smartphone apps and websites. 

Keeping Your Prepper Kit Ready

The world seems to be exploding with natural disasters, threats of war, and possibilities of cyber attacks and solar flares. In this day and age, it is imperative to always keep a kit filled with basic necessities on hand in the case of such emergencies. Some tips to help you keep your kit ready to go at all times include: 

What Are The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Pipes play a significant role in our lives and the environment at large. This is because apart from helping in supplying water to our homes, some pipes are also used to draw away waste products such as the sewage. I mean you can imagine how the environment would be if the sewage were left to flow open. 

The 10 Best Tips for Skinny Guys to gain Muscle

If you are a skinny person, you might complain that you cannot gain muscles no matter how you eat or train. However, could you be doing it all wrong? A director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates notes that most skinny people who have a hard time gaining muscle are either eating or exercising the wrong way. 

Fractionation: Its Time To Get Started With The Ultimate Seduction Game

If you want to seduce any woman, it will not get easy for you. Yes we mean it. But you need to master a few steps. To know more about this seduction technique, keep reading below. 

There are so many men who want to know how to pick up girls of their choice but fail to take the first step. Men usually want to have more influence over the lady of their life or a girl for whom they have affection for. When women know the man in their life has control and makes them feel secure, they feel satisfied and happier from within. But this feeling is what the man has to provide his lady. 

Tips for Handling Drop Shipped Ecommerce Furniture Returns

Drop shipping offers many advantages for online businesses, especially if you’re dealing in larger merchandise such as furniture. With drop shipping, you won’t have to worry about warehousing furniture while you’re waiting for it to sell. 

What are E Liquid manufacturers doing to improve flavours?

E-liquid manufacturers are popping up all over the world in 2017 because they’ve heard of the profit margins available in an e-cig industry that’s growing every minute. While some manufacturers settle for the basic flavours we’re all used to, many others are doing everything they can to ensure a quality taste that’s different from the rest. 

Pieces of Advice for Casino Players

Gambling may seem daunting at first but gamblers will get used to how it works and will start enjoying it more. But to assist the gamblers on their way, there are various pieces of advice.Pieces of advice for gamblers

Is Print Advertising Still Worth Your Money?

Nowadays, there are multiple avenues available for an enterprise of any size to promote its product(s) or service(s). Online digital marketing, television or radio ads, and the more traditional printed forms of advertising such as outdoor banners, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc.

Benefits of Online Food Ordering

With a boom in internet, there is a remarkable change in the way businesses are performed. Food industry also has experienced the influence of the internet. Online food ordering has changed the way restaurants function. Online food ordering systems utilize the advanced technology to allow restaurants operate with effectiveness. 

The secrets to spotting the best holiday accommodation deals

Accommodation is certainly one of the weightiest expenses that travelers have to incur when they go on a holiday trip. In fact, it is not surprising to know that many tourists would be disposed to sleeping in a barn if it was the most cut-rate accommodation they could find.

6 Reasons to Buy A House for Sale in Your 20’s

You are in your 20’s, and you probably think the time is right to move out of your parents’ house. The reasons for opting to get a house of your own are many, and most of them depend on your life plans. You want to live an independent life, but you are scared because of the high property prices. Buying a house in your twenties is no easy task, and you will need to have a strong and willful heart to be able to push through with your resolve to buy a house. Here are some reasons;

Best Countries to Register a Yacht

They say that rich people buy cars, properties, and houses. People with unimaginable wealth, on the other hand, buy yachts.

That may sound like a funny adage to you but it rings certain truths. A yacht, compared to a car or chateau, represents more than just wealth. It is an international investment that mixes travel and pleasure all in one object.

The Simplest Business Report Writing Guide

What is a business report and why it makes so many people panic? These two words may be intimidating for the ones who consider such type of work to be boring, dry and time-consuming. However, only while working on complicated and challenging assignments, one can contribute to own professional growth and personal development. 

How to Do Gold Trading Business

Unless you have a background of trading in nothing but gold, it is not a very easy task to step into the gold trading business and get the best possible return in the start, even if you have a noteworthy history of efficiently investing in other kinds of markets. This is because the gold trade business is pretty much entirely different from other kinds of business and you have to devise new strategies and follow different sorts of trends. You can read more about gold as an investment and trade opportunity on the internet easily. 

Is kratom legal in the United States?

In late 2016 the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began an application to list the herb kratom as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States. In the face of strong opposition from several bodies including medical scientists, the DEA backed down for the first time in its history. Kratom is legal to buy in the US as a result.

Psychic Empathy What Does It Mean and How Can It Affect Our Lives

In the course of living, there are few who will be able to see beyond the shadows of their own lives to truly witness how the world is behind the veil. If we explore and see with our spiritual eyes, we will notice that the world is full of many planes of existence, many of these are unseen, and many are seen, and felt by those who happen to have the ability to receive these vibrations of consciousness. 

Top 7 Surgeries for Men in 2017

Plastic surgery keeps growing every year, and there are about two million procedures taking place in the U.S each year. The number of plastic surgeries has risen by 98% in the last decade. 

Cosmetic surgery is no longer for women only. There has been an increasing number of men undergoing the procedure and account for about a hundred and fifty thousand operations every year. 
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