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Shocked that Captain America and Iron Man are fighting in the next upcoming Marvel movie? Don't be. Their friendship hasn't always been a bed of roses. In fact, it was all thorns. Nothing but hard and spiky ones. Check out this supercut below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Nov 30, 2015 17:22
Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp were on the Graham Norton show and were asked to mimic popular facial expressions. The reason for it? The Internet has long been circulating pictures of how similar Benedict look to them.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Nov 30, 2015 12:51
It's all to do with your jeans. Basically, pull it up! Don't expose your butt, or butt crack for the world to see! During the 80s or 90s, the trend of sagging jeans were all the rage. But now fashion has evolved. And we sort of know how to dress.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Nov 30, 2015 12:51
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