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Emmanuelle Chriqui plays the beautiful and irresistible Sloan on Entourage, and while she hasn't gotten the attention she deserves all these years, she's finally approaching things correctly by using the social route. Here's checking out the hottest Instagrams she's posted lately:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 01, 2015 13:26
Johnny Drama finally gets his big break in Entourage and here he is in a video, living all his dreams! Johnnie Walker has a limited edition Johny Drama Black Label bottle, and here he is...finally an A-Lister.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 01, 2015 13:26
X-Men:  Apocalypse is going to be star studded. With the usual cast returning, Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones will be joining as a young Jean Grey in the show. Bryan Singer showed off a tease of it along with Lana Condor's Jubilee.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 01, 2015 13:26
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