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Once again, the creativity of Japanese game shows have taken the use of the female human body as a prop for its ratings. This time, they called in a plastic surgeon to see if she could determine whether a bosom was cosmetically enhanced, or if it were the real deal by grabbing on to them.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jun 30, 2015 18:21
Will people do anything for money these days? While we're not sure if this whole experiment was orchestrated or not, YouTuber Gregory Goldsheid went around offering money to women in exchange for some views and kisses. Did it work?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 30, 2015 18:21
Fast food commercials are meant to make your mouth water. But what if they were actually honest? If they came clean about how the commercials were actually made, it would be very, very different. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 30, 2015 18:21
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