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The night is finally calm. The baby is sound asleep already. You and your wife have that look in your eyes. Yes, the two of you are horny. You start with foreplay. Kiss here, kiss there. Things start to heat up. You think to yourself, "Yes!, It is finally happening!" But just before anything progresses further, you hear the shrieks of a crying baby from the room next door. Does this sound like your life?  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 18, 2014 13:34
Can you remember the first time you saw half-exposed boobs that weren't your mom's? Here are some hilarious expressions caught on camera; of boys checking out boobies unashamedly. It's proof that boys of all ages aren't spared from the mesmerizing power of titties!  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 18, 2014 13:11
Not everyone is motivated to workout consistently. Once you start, you won't stop for awhile. But when you do, procrastination becomes a common culprit when it comes to starting your workouts again.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 18, 2014 12:24
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