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A new service in London has a very wealthy clientele - ones who will pay up to $220 an hour to get beat up by female wrestlers. It's a new kind of festish, we suppose? Called Model Wrestling Management, it allows customers to choose from 16 models.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 04, 2016 12:28
Meet German police officer Adrienne Kolesza, 31. She's not just a cop. She's a stunning one. Perhaps, the hottest on the force. She's also got a huge fanbase, on Instagram that is - with over 96,000 fans, waiting for her to arrest them.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    May 04, 2016 12:28
Meet Allie and Lexie Kaplan. They are 22-year-old twin sisters who are selling plush toys that they sleep with for $333 a pop. That's expensive! You'd think that this sort of fetish was only found in Japan...  Read more
LIFESTYLE    May 04, 2016 12:28
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