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Tattoos are one of the ways to express your personality, perpetuate bright memories or just adorn the body with new, meaningful images. Choosing the right tattoo is a responsible and challenging task. So, if you want to wear the tattoo, which won’t disappoint you after some years, you should choose it carefully.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 04, 2017 16:55
As we wave bye-bye to Season 7, players now turn their eyes to the start of Season 8 and what it means for the game. With Riot announcing a whole new list of patch notes and updates, it looks like some big changes are coming to the Rift.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 02, 2017 09:50
A tax fraud case for $250 million had been filed against Felix Slater, who is a former Trump associate. This has been dismissed by a Manhattan court.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 02, 2017 09:49
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