Mayank Sharma would probably tell you that going through meningitis is hell, that is, if he could remember any of it.

He contracted tubercular meningitis in 2010, which is a severe infection of the central nervous system that targets the base of the brain. The reason why this is so scary is that it's home of the cranial nerves and chambers that control blood circulation, vision and memory.

While he was being diagnosed, New Delhi doctors observed that Sharma's memory was eroding slowly. The situation got so bad that eventually, he didn’t know anyone, not even himself. At 28 years old, the only memories he had left with were when he was a couple of years old:
"I remember crawling up a flight of stairs on all fours, but I don't remember the effort, or the pain or the sense of achievement I felt. Can you really call that a memory?"
After hearing of Sharma's predicament, the guys over at Facebook Stories contacted him Sharma while creating a short documentary on his quest to rediscover his personal history using Facebook's People You May Know feature, which details how it helped him to reconnect with friends and family in an attempt to retrieve his past: