Facebook released a new feature to show advertisers the percentage of fans that have seen and Liked specific posts on their brand pages, Mashable reports. This will allow brand page administrators to see what works and what doesn't.

The company has been under pressure to prove that it can monetize, after its IPO, and after GM pulled its $10 million Facebook ad budget. Sheryl Sandberg even joked when speaking at Harvard Business School's Class Day, "We're public now. So can you click on an ad or two?"

"As the industry moves towards improving measurement—linking business success to spending on Facebook – the more engaged audiences will obviously be more valuable than the less engaged audiences," Simon Mansell, TBG Digital CEO, told said.

"This is a direction Facebook sorely needs to continue to embrace," Joseph Cianciotto, executive director at DDB Worldwide in NY, told BI. "Given the ambiguity of social within the communication mix, marketers in their diligence to find something to measure have defaulted to  'like' aggregation."

"That by default relegates social to merely an acquisition strategy when the broader context of this discipline by its definition is an ongoing dialogue between brands and consumers," Cianciotto continued. "This evolution in measurement affords brands the ability to better optimize their content, engagement and pass along efforts beyond mere acquisition."