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Characters and the actors that play them have totally different lines, but what if they were all the same? What if the characters we see in film and TV said the exact same thing the actors themselves tweeted in real-life? How would that go down?  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 04, 2015 15:00
Here are the world's 10 youngest billionaires, and they're not even 40 just yet. Master's in Accounting Degrees' created an infographic you can see below that provides a side-by-side comparison as to how they attained their wealth. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 04, 2015 14:33
Why do some people employ the use of a sock when they spank the monkey? Here's a terrifying reason you should never ever use that, and be wary of ants, because, apparently, ants love semen. Weird? Hell yes.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 04, 2015 14:03
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