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There are a number of individuals who still have not gripped the basics of writing a good essay, let alone mastering the art. The major factor that has lead to this situation is a weak base of the whole essay writing format.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 29, 2016 19:38
By now you've probably caught up to the last episode of Game of Thrones season 6, and if you've not, then turn around, or read on because you deserve reading some spoilers. Everyone knows Jon Snow is an illegitimate child, but what is his birth name?  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jun 29, 2016 16:50
Now that season 6 has ended, we are all looking forward to next year's 10 more for season 7. But it appears that we won't be getting 10 - instead, there will be 13 more episodes left for season 7 and 8. Sadly, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have confirmed that.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 29, 2016 13:59
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