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Gambling and especially online gambling has registered a boom all over the world during the last 20 years due to the development of technology and the Internet becoming available to more and more citizens. And even though, in most cases, gambling is something a country can benefit from, there are some instances when the governments are totally against this industry. Let’s check some countries and how they treat the gambling subject.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 18, 2017 19:08
Share your Opinion with the Public

One reason people start a blog is the ability it gives them to share what they are thinking and feeling with the world. Where once the only options people had for this were to become involved in the media world (and even then there would be a script) or write a diary (which would then be entirely private) if they wanted to have an opportunity for their opinions to move beyond the sphere of their own head.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 16, 2017 20:25
There are countless relations a person makes, but If someone is asked to tell about the people who truly love him, he will surely include his parents. The relation of parents is the purest form of love. We can always count on them in every stage of life. They are always beside us in every walk of life. While our mothers teach us humbleness and kindness, our dads teach us bravery and leadership. While our mothers tell us fairy tales, our fathers amaze us with stories of knights.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 14, 2017 16:44
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