If you haven't already used an app before, you will someday soon. That's to say, every smartphone nowadays are relying on what is known as "the app economy". The first iPhone in 2007 kick started the production and mainstream usage of smartphones and since then the device has opened a world of innovation in mobile technology.

Other manufacturers soon followed suit. Today we use apps for a whole bunch of things from keeping us organized to checking out the weather to watching videos and many more. Even after billions of downloads later, the app economy, is still growing and its not stopping just yet.

Unsurprisingly, the app economy has also created a demand for over 466,000 jobs across all available platforms. This is only in the U.S., and what more of the rest of the world? The survey performed by TechNet.

The folks at Frugal Dad have created this inforgraphic about the economy. Check it out below: