He can sure kick a ball, but when it comes to style Cristiano Ronaldo is swiftly becoming famous for own-goals.

The 24-year-old stepped out in Los Angeles this week with a Gucci clutch tucked under his arm in a look that can at best be described as pushing the boundaries of metrosexual flair.

The striker, who is set to earn around £225,000 a week under his new Real Madrid contract, emerged from Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso proudly carrying his new man bag.

The tote, as if not enough of a faux pas in its own right, co-ordinated just a little too well with his Gucci shoes and Gucci belt.

It's not the first fashion red card for the 24-year-old, who has a habit of making David Beckham's infamous sarong ensemble seem almost macho. 

He has a well established penchant for eye-wateringly tight hotpants and just two weeks ago he was seen parading around with a pink flower behind his ear.

All the attention on his wardrobe has left the Portuguese winker miffed.

'I don’t know why people are so interested in what I wear on holiday,' he said recently.

'Last year, when I was in LA, everyone was talking about my tight trunks. Have you seen what people in LA wear? I was the most normal dressed person over there."

Really? You're no Ken; you're Ronaldo.

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