Get ready to say goodbye to those 'made in China' goodies commonly found in kids' Happy Meals.  Mark Fabes, McDonald's IT Director, was speaking on a panel about emerging technologies at a Fujitsu customer event in Munich.

Fabes had mentioned that these 3-D printers would allow MCDs to print any toy of the child's choice, especially if they didn't like the one that MCDonald's is offering at the time. And we all know what happens when the popular Happy Meal toy of the week runs out of stock.

But is placing 3D printers at food outlets really a good idea? 3D printers use plastic feedstock, which also happen to be high emitters of ultra-fine particles (UFPs). Studies have shown that these can have emission rates as high as a burning a cigarette, making it deadly for the lungs.

But then again, customers would probably care less since just about everything at McDonald's is not exactly good for your health. What do you think about this?

[Image: Happy Meal]