Cheese can be found all over the world. But it doesn't necessarily mean you'll know how to look for it, let alone order it. For example, how would you ask someone for cheese in Chinese?

Here's how you say cheese in different languages:

1. French: Fromage

2. Spanish: Queso

3. Azerbaijani: Pendir

4. Basque: Gazta

5. Haitian Creole: Fromaj

6. German: Käse

7. Estonian: Juust

8. Finnish: Juusto

9. Danish: Ost

10. Chinese: 奶酪 (pronounced “nǎilào”)

11. Czech: Sýr

12. Hungarian: Sajt

13. Icelandic: Ostur

14. Indonesian/Malay: Keju

15. Irish: Cáis

16. Italian: Formaggio

17. Japanese: チーズ (pronounced “chīzu”)

18. Korean: Chijeu

19. Romanian: Brânză

20. Swahili: Jibini

21. Vietnamese: Pho mát