If you've just decided to Airbnb your holiday, why not give these few locations a look first? While not everyone has a good experience on the site, they do have a number of exotic locations that you may not even have thought of in the first place.

Imagine staying overnight in a home designed by Frank Wright, or the all time famous Frank Gehry? In fact, these aren't the only big names on the site. Check out the list below!

Apartment in DZ Bank Building designed by Frank Gehry

Gehry's "infamous" Berlin building is adjacent from Brandenburg Gate. Price to rent: $216.

Sowden House designed by Lloyd Wright

This "Mayan-style" home designed in 1926 by Lloyd Wright, Frank Wright's eldest son. It's also been used for many movies and photo shoots. So its no surprise that might be the reason for its hike in price: $2,500.

"Green" Off-Grid Glass House designed by Michelle Kaufmann

Designed by architect Michelle Kaufman, he specializes in prefab homes. Price to rent: $250.

8 Spruce Street Condo designed by Frank Gehry

This is one of Frank Gehry's famous Lower Manhattan tower holding several hundred condos. Each has a unique floor plan. Price: $3498 (per month).

Icelandic Cottage (architect unknown)

This Icelandic cottage doesn't look out of time, and is built on land nearby the country's famous Geyser. Price to rent: $220.

The Hotel Furillen's Airstream 534.

Imagine staying in a lime quarry. Well, now you can. Known as Hotel Furillen, it'll cost you $206.

The Schwartz House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Schwartz House in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, is a one of those rare places designed by the architect that's ever been rented out. Price to rent: $395.

Shipping Container Home designed by Espai Fly.

These homes in Mallorca were built with standard shipping container modules and are 14 feet wide and have been retrofitted as condos. The result is just luxury. Price to rent however isn't: $115.

Occidental Residence by Frederick Fisher & Partners

Another lovely home worth checking out. Price to rent: $400.

A Cabin in a Loft designed by Terri Chiao

Terri Chiao designed and built these "room within a room" spaces in her loft. Now they're on Airbnb. Price: $118.

Archie Bunker designed by David Sellers

This home is located deep in Vermont's Mad River Valley, and it won an AIA Award in 2010. Price: $500. Getting here might be hard.