Budget airline GoAir has reportedly announced plans to recruit only air hostesses from now on because their male counterparts are weighing them down.

The airline's 130-odd male flight pursers will keep flying but future cabin crew recruitments will all be female. "We are looking at every possible way of cost-cutting to remain profitable," GoAir CEO Giorgio De Roni said.

According to their calculations, an average air hostess weighs about 15-20 kg (33-44 lbs) less than a male flight purser. Since every additional kg on board costs Rs 3 (£0.03, $0.05) per flight hour, the plan will save them about Rs 2.5 crore (£275,000, $420,000) to Rs 3 crore (£330,000, $500,000) annually.

The airline will also by implementing methods such as reducing the size of in-flight magazines and potable water tanks are no longer being filled to capacity. Sounds like a pleasant flight.

Business Insider