Here's a reason that will make you want to take up martial arts/ A woman in Hawaii was swimming off the coast of Maui when a 12-foot-tiger shark attacked her.

Tiger sharks have a notorious reputation for being fierce predators that eat just about anything, and can grow to be be over 14 feet.

But despite finding herself in literally the most terrifying situation imaginable, the woman managed to keep her cool before unleashing a whopping punch to the shark's nose. She recalls what happened to ABC’s News10:
“My Tae Kwan Do prepared me to learn how to punch,”

“I punched it twice. I punched it this way, and that one contacted. But this [punch] kind of hit the side and slid into the mouth.”
The punch managed to scare the shark away. However, she didn't walk away unscathed from the experience and needed more than 100 stitches on her right hand and thigh.

So if there's any lesson to be learned, it would have to be: don’t go anywhere near the ocean unless you’re a black belt in some sort of martial arts.

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