TED videos are full of inspirational ways to hack your life and make it better. So here's a little project for you this week. Better yourself by checking out the videos below. From every day tasks of tying your shoes to improving your memory to changing your attitude. Check it out below:

1. How to Tie Your Shoes

Terry Moore demonstrates a simple way to tie your shoes better. In the 3-minute video he explains that after you make the initial knot and the first bow like you usually would, all you have to do is loop the lace the other way around the bow. Finish the knot and pull tight.

2. How to Only Use One Paper Towel

Just how much of paper towels do we tend to overuse? One too many. Joe Smith shows you how to use only one paper towel to dry your hands after washing and still have perfectly dry hands.

The trick to this is two-fold:shake and fold. Shake your hands quickly twelve times over the sink, then fold the towel once before drying for maximum water absorption.

3. How to Improve Your Memory

Journalist Joshua Foer went to a memory competition on assignment for a story and ended up winning it the next year. How did he do it? Associate something you want to remember with a strong visual in your mind.

Turns out pictures are worth a thousand words after all.

4. Try Something New for 30 Days

Google engineer Matt Cutts explains how he tackled one small, sustainable challenge in his life every 30 days. Some of these changes in his life continued to stick after the one month trial period, while others, like giving up sugar, didn't.

His point though, is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying something new for 30 days. Because life's too short to be a prude.

5. Tips for a Long, Happy Marriage

Author Jenna McCarthy shows us some scientific data on long lasting marriages and leading causes of divorce in this TED talk. So what's the key? Men need to do more housework if they want to keep the wife happy and women need to watch fewer romantic comedies which cause them to view their own relationships unfavorably.