Every office has at one time or another hired an employee who insists on only doing tasks they are being paid for and refuse to budge or help out. Their excuse will always be "It's not my job."

If you’ve ever worked with a person like this, then you would know how frustrating it can be. This is someone who is simply doing the minimum required to collect a paycheck. And if this sounds a lot like yourself, beware! Once it becomes a habit, it'll be hard to change the way you do things, and can even potentially sabotage your own career goals.

To explain more on this, Erika Andersen writes in Forbes:
"The folks who embrace challenge – say yes to taking on new responsibilities, take advantage of chances to improve their skills, volunteer for start-up projects – tend to build more viable careers. They’re seen as focusing on mutual benefit; on wanting to help the company while improving themselves. That’s the kind of employee that companies want to keep and groom for bigger things."
So as frustrating as it is to be always asked to take care of tasks that you aren't actually responsible for, unless you put yourself outside of your comfort zone at work and take these responsibilities head on, you'll never achieve long-term success.