Thanks to his 30-inch long handlebar moustache, Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi has become a celebrity in his own right. Unfortunately, his popularity eventually has made him the target of members of militant group Lashkar-e-Islami who have since deemed mustache as ‘un-Islamic’.

During the summer of 2008, members of the LeI arrested the 47-year-old before forcing him to shave at gunpoint.

Definat, he decided to move to Peshawar where moustaches may grow more freely. Unfortunately, he has not been able to visit his hometown for four years owing to the threat of ‘anti-moustache’ militants. And despite his wife’s protestations, Afridi has said that he would only surrender his moustache over his dead body. 

“I’m proud of it as nobody in Pakistan has such a long moustache,” he told The News.