Hard to imagine, but friendly sharks apparently do exist according to Toakai Teitoi. The Kiribati fisherman and father of six who spent about three and a half months adrift at sea in a wooden boat has credited a 6-foot shark with saving his life.

The 41-year-old and his 52-year-old brother-in-law were floating adrift in the central Pacific after their 15-foot wooden boat ran out of fuel on May 24th. The brother in-law apparently succumbed to dehydration and passed away in early July.

According to AFP, Teitoi said he had woken up on the afternoon of Sept. 11 to "see the shark circling the boat and bumping the hull."
"He was guiding me to a fishing boat. I looked up and there was the stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me," Teitoi said. Having captured "[Teitoi's] attention," the shark reportedly then swam away,"
Tetoi was brought aboard the Marshalls 203 and given food, juice, and a medical evaluation. He reportedly appeared to be in relatively good shape for someone who had been stranded at sea for 15 weeks. The boat continued along its fishing route, eventually docking in Majuro.

Despite being one of the few lucky people who have actually been saved by a shark, Teitoi says his seafaring days are now behind him. "I'll never go by boat again. I'm taking a plane," he said.