Paralympic athletes have stories that are arguably more inspiring than normal athletes. This commercial, produced by Britain's Channel 4, who is the official carrier of the London Paralympics shows off a one and a half minute spot of Paralympic swimmers, basketball players, sprinters and other athletes at work.

The ad, will make you tear, or give you goose bumps, because it's spliced in footage also shows you the obstacles that Paralympic athletes had to overcome. And some of these include, war injuries, birth defects, accidents and more. The video is called “Meet the Superhumans,” and has been on YouTube since July, but takes on added meaning this week with the Paralympic Games getting underway.

The website is live streaming nearly 600 hours of footage during the Games, and will also upload an additional 1,000 hours of taped on-demand coverage to the IPC’s YouTube channel during the Paralympics’ Aug. 29 – Sept. 9 run.