An 8-year old boy found a piece of whale vomit while walking on the beach of Hengistbury Head in Bournemouth, Great Britain, that may be worth $63,000.

Little Charlie Naysmith came across a big chunk that looked like a yellowish beigh rock with a waxy finish, which he picked up. According to Daily Echo, his parents realized that the piece was in fact not a rock, but a piece of ambergris, a substance that was thrown up by sperm whales.

Now here's where it gets gag-worthy--the substance is actually in demand with perfume makers. It helps prolong the scent of perfume, which is why a pound of the whale puke can sell for as much as $10,000.

The piece of whale waste junior Naysmith found has been estimated to be worth as much as $63,000 but according to his father, Alex Naysmith, they're still researching the product. According to, Naysmith Sr. said “He is into nature and is really interested in it. We have discovered it is quite rare and are waiting for some more information from marine biology experts,”

Whatever the monetary amount that lucky piece of dried up vomit rakes in, little Naysmith is already considering building some kind of shelter for animals.