Gone are the days when men could sleep around without being deemed as 'sluts.' According to a survey done in 2011, men are no longer immune from being judged for their sexual escapades.

The survey which was conducted among 19,000 college students revealed that 73 percent admitted to judging other people negatively when they have a lot of sex; half of respondents indicated that they're just as sanctimonious when it comes to men as they are when it comes to women; 12 percent went easier on the guys than they did the girls (the classic "He's a stud, she's a slut" cliche); while 13 percent held a double standard in favor of the ladies.

However, the survey results gets much more interesting once you break it down by gender. From LiveScience:

Women were more likely than men to judge but to do so equally, an attitude the researchers called "egalitarian conservative." About 54 percent of women surveyed were egalitarian conservatives compared with 35 percent of men. Only 6 percent of women judged women more harshly for hooking up, compared with 25 percent of men who reported the same.

Male athletes and members of fraternities were more likely than other men to hold a double standard, judging women for their sexual encounters and letting men off the hook. Sorority sisters living in Greek housing were more likely to hold a reverse double standard than other women, judging men harshly for hooking up.
In college, at least, these differences are exacerbated by athletics and fraternities, say researchers. Women and men involved in Greek life were more likely to harshly judge the opposite sex for getting it on with unacceptable frequency.

Based on this, study researcher Barbara Risman explains that "Women who hold to this reverse double standard are invoking a kind of gender justice," and "They are critical of men who treat women badly, and they do not accept a 'boys will be boys' view of male sexuality."