A search for a cancer cure has led researchers to a scientific breakthrough that makes testicles temporarily "forget" how to produce sperm.

The discovery was uncovered by Dr. James Bradner from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, which initially started off as a cancer treatment. The research team had been working towards a new cancer drug called JQ1 that would affect a structure on cancer cells called BRD4, which helps tumors "remember" to be cancerous, while the drug helps neutralize BRD4 and allowing the cells to "forget" to be tumors.

Whilst checking if JQ1 might have any side effects on otherwise healthy cells, they uncovered a similar structure to BRD4 they call BRDT. Instead of targeting tumors, BRDT would target the testes.

The team then hooked up with Dr. Martin Matzuk at a fertility lab at Baylor. Test were conducted on lab mice, and showed that not only did JQ1 inactivate BRDT in mice, it had the same effect on human versions of BRDT.  But don't worry about becoming infertile, because they say the treatment would be completely reversible.