Having problems with your sperm count? Then it's time to go nuts on walnuts, the new official "superfood" for your junk.

According to a study in Biology of Reproduction, researchers have linked walnut consumption with all sorts of "improved semen parameters":
Robbins and colleagues set out to explore whether adding walnuts to a Western-style diet would improve semen quality. They randomized 117 healthy men ages 21 to 35 (mean age 25) with no known history of infertility to add 75 grams of whole-shelled walnuts a day to their usual diet or to continue their usual eating habits while avoiding tree nuts.

...Sperm parameters improved in the group that consumed walnuts (but not in the control group), resulting in significantly better sperm vitality, motility, and morphology.
You might want to note that the study was both supplied and funded by the California Walnut Commission. But either way, eating walnuts is probably one of the more a healthier and environmentally safer alternative compared to all those other weird aphrodisiacs out there.

via Medpage Today