A surgical technician working at New York's Mount Sinai hospital is reportedly being sued by a former colleague who says he called her derogatory names and regularly watched porn on his cell phone during open-heart surgeries (is this even possible?)


Other employees working in the hospital told the New York Post that the atmosphere was reminiscent of a Grey's Anatomy plotline. 
"People here are horny," one staffer explained. "All these hours we spend together here, we get very comfortable with each other."

"It's horrendous," said another female employee. "Some men think they are entitled to do those things. It's terrible. Not only should they lose their jobs but someone should catch them in the streets and beat their tail off. That's street justice."

One employee did make an excellent and obvious point. "That's how people die," he said. "Because they got stupid people like that around."
Seriously, there's a time and place to indulge in porn, and the surgery room is just not one of them. So the next time you're checking in at the hospital, be sure to request for calm, stable, non-horny doctors.