Texting while driving, is a no brainer. If you're stupid enough to do it, you're also a selfish prick because you're endangering other people on the road. AT&T carrier has a new safe driving initiative, and it seems that it's a little more than creepy. The company is developing software that can be used by parents to remotely turn off text messaging and voice calls on their kids' phones when they're out driving.

On the flip side, this will mean more concentration on the road. But how would parents know if their kids got into trouble on the road if everything is disabled. It's a social question, one worth debating over.

The app, revealed in the video below is still in development, and it's kind of clever. It seems to be able to block all kinds of cell communication on a child's phone from internet, SMS and MMS and phone calls. It will also promise to provide GPS updates of thier location so you can see where they are headed. Talk about the lack of privacy these days.

There's no official announcement on when this might launch, or how it will work, but we bet there are some overprotective parents out there that are waiting to get their hands on this.

What do you think? Is there a danger in remotely disabling all cell communications? Or is the question of safety more important than that? It'll spell more concentration but not necessarily more safety. [AT&T via Verge]