The "F-bomb" has finally been gained the recognition it deserves by making it into Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. The pronunciation of “f-bomb” is fairly amusing to look at: ˈef-ˌbäm', while the definition considers it "a lighthearted and printable euphemism" for something far more offensive.

F-Bomb is just one of the list of new additions added to the dictionary, which also includes:
  •     aha moment
  •     bucket list
  •     cloud computing
  •     copernicium
  •     earworm
  •     energy drink
  •     f-bomb
  •     game changer
  •     gassed
  •     gastropub
  •     man cave
  •     mash-up
  •     sexting
  •     systemic risk
  •     underwater