The wife and mother left behind by deceased Ferrari driver Ma Chi are taking the vehicle's insurers to court after the insurance company said they intend to withdraw coverage for the fatal crash in Singapore that went viral back in May.


According to The Straits Times, insurers AXA Singapore told the driver's family that the crash was a "collision", not an accident, which meant that the driver was aware that his actions would cause an accident, thereby voiding the insurers' liability to make a payout.

Footage from a dashboard camera showed the vehicle had ran a red light before crashing into a blue taxi before smashing into a motorcycle off camera. The accident left three dead, including the wealthy Chinese expatriate. Two others were also reported to have been injured. Mr Ma is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.

The lawsuit is believed to be the first such reported case in Singapore and is becoming a public interest issue as to how accidents are treated as "collisions", under which an insurer can reject liability.

AXA had informed the Ma family of its decision in June, and the family had replied that they disagree with AXA's position. Now they want the High Court to reject this finding by suing the insurers, and shared the following statement on Monday:
 "It is not an easy decision but the family feels that we need to seek the assistance of the Singapore courts as the insurer made the decision to repudiate liability first.

"We just want to follow the Singapore laws as to what we need to do following the accident that affected people's lives."
A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for next month.