The Malaysian Youtube user who became known for his controversial videos has found himself in the midst of a new crisis after posting a clip in which he criticized China's badminton player Lin Dan, which included an alleged threat to beat up the athlete.


In the a four-and-a-half minute video, Namewee begins by  sympathising with Chong Wei, who lost to Lin Dan during the men's singles badminton finals at London 2012. Towards the end of the clip, Namewee belittled the badminton player with a series of vulgarities before warning him not to set foot in Malaysia.

Although the homemade video was posted last Monday the morning after the match, the Malaysian media didn't seem to notice. It was only after China’s press found out about it that the flaming comments from both the Chinese and Malaysians started to pour in. There were also suggestions that the video was a “cheap publicity stunt” for the filmmaker's latest movie, Hantu Gangster.

By Thursday, Chong Wei had reportedly logged in to China’s social networking site Weibo to send his regrets about the controversy. “I’m sorry about that song. I don’t know about it. I want to say sorry to everyone. I hope the Chinese badminton fans understand,” he wrote.

Namewee has since put out his own apology for the song, posting a message on Facebook:
“I’m here to openly apologise to the world for insulting Lin Dan in the video. I made the clip merely to invite Lee to watch my film, but made a big mistake by verbally attacking Lin. I’m very sorry about it.”

He added, “I don’t beg for forgiveness from all of you. I just hope that this incident won’t affect the image of Malaysia. Malaysians are kind-hearted, generous and easy-going, totally the opposite of me. I take full responsibility for my action. Lastly I apologise again to Chinese player Lin Dan, Malaysians, the Chinese people, the world and Lee.”