Ever wonder what the human body would look like if it went through one of those luggage scanners found at airports? Then check out this scan of a tipsy Norwegian tourist, who decided to nap on the luggage belt in Italy's largest airport area.


Arbroath reports that it took 15 whole minutes before someone noticed that 36-year-old Oysten Soora wasn't somebody's luggage. He had arrived at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, hopped behind the check-in counter when no attendant could be found, and decided it would be a nice place to take a nap on the baggage belt. He was ultimately picked up by an X-ray scanner after being conveyed across some 160 feet.

He was later transported to the hospital for examination (radiation poisoning?) before being handed over to the authorities. Soora was eventually released and returned to Oslo.

And according to one official, this sort of thing happens all the time, which is why a fail-safe was put in place 10 years ago after a similar incident involving a homeless man. Apparently, the fail-safe isn't quite as foolproof as they thought.