Dealing with all the stress and numbers in Wall Street can't be good for one's worry lines. So it's no surprise that more Gordon Gecko-wannabees are now turning to Botox as a means to keep from looking haggard while trying to revive the bear market.


The reveal was based on data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, who found that Botox is gaining popularity among men with about 363,000 men having received Botox injections in 2011 (8% increase from the previous year). Meanwhile, the number of women who used Botox, meanwhile, only rose by about 5% during the same period.

The reason for the Wall Street link? According to New York cosmetologist Dendy Engleman, men working on Wall Street (or those who claim they're working on Wall Street because they think it sounds cool) are her fastest-growing client base. She spills the beans to Bloomberg TV, saying that many men have become accustomed to the treatment once they see its youthful effects.

And it makes sense because getting regular Botox injections isn't a cheap habit to keep up. Forehead injections run about $350 while eyebrow injections can soar well north of $600, so you need a steady flow of cash to avoid those wrinkles setting in.