Quick, which of these ladies turn you on the most? If you answered the one on the right, then it might be a sign that you're under stress.


According to a study done by researchers in England, men coping with stress more often prefer larger women than men who aren't stressed at all.

The study involved 81 white British men and randomly assigned them to be placed in either stressful or relaxing situations. Some of the men were made to feel stress by being subjected to a fake interview, while the others were placed in a quiet room.

After the sessions, the subjects were each asked to look at rate the attractiveness of photographed women ranging from emaciated to obese. The findings showed that men who'd been subjected to a stressful situation rated larger women more favorably than the men who weren't stressed. The study authors didn't say whether the stressed men exclusively preferred larger women or were simply more amenable to body types deviating from a certain cultural "ideal."

Previous research into body-type preference found that people experiencing "stressful situations" prefer "heavier" partners, the extra weight seemingly indicating that the person has access to a steady supply of food and are consequently healthy.  This latest study only adds more weight to these earlier findings, indicating that people are attracted to more "mature" body types during times of stress as it may indicate that a prospective partner is better equipped to deal with those tough times.

via Live Science